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B4RN is here and now a reality. Contractors have completed providing access via the pavement for those who don’t already have access to the B4RN network.

A small box has been laid in the pavement outside your property boundary. It is then your responsibility to dig in a 7mm diameter duct from the pavement across your front garden to the house. We have a list of people who may dig this in for you and a grant is payable to help cover any such costs.

If you are going to take B4RN at ANY point in the future, we strongly suggest you get your duct in now whilst the advice, assistance and government finance is available.

Interested in improving your online skills?

The local Caton & Brookhouse B4RN volunteer group recognise that there may be a need for IT Training in the village, especially for those who might be embracing the internet for the first time or wish to improve their online skills. We would expect to cover subjects such as staying safe online, using the internet for staying in touch with friends and family. However, in order to see what you may need help with and to gauge if there is demand, a form is available to complete at the Victoria Institute or download from here. Please return completed forms to Peter at the Victoria Institute by 30 November. We expect the training to be free of charge. This is only open to those residing in the parish of Caton-with-Littledale.

How to get B4RN

  • Register at if you haven’t already done so
  • This will trigger a request for government funding to get the service to your boundary. It is vital you immediately respond to any emails from B4RN or the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).
  • Once live and paying for your B4RN service and, after you have responded to a final email from DCMS, you will receive your dig grant.

Still in a contract?

Connect+ (Connect Plus) is now available for Caton and Brookhouse. If you’re stuck in a contract that has 12 months or less to run, you can get B4RN service for only a £5 monthly tariff until your other deal runs out. Once your existing provider’s contract ends, you’ll move on to B4RN’s standard tariff, currently £33 monthly. If you wish to take advantage of Connect+ then you must have your Connect+ application approved BEFORE you go live with B4RN. Connect+ can not be applied retrospectively under any circumstances.

How do I get the discounted rate?

  1. Sign up for B4RN at as above
  2. Apply for Connect plus at and upload a copy of your existing broadband contract.
  3. Once your ducting is through your garden and house kit installed, your street constructed, and your property goes live and connected to B4RN, your discounted rate will be applied.

There will be a leaflet through your door and information available at the Victoria Institute, Brookhouse Methodist Church and through Facebook.

How to help

We need volunteers to help fit house kits. The best way to get B4RN is to group up with your neighbours and help each other fit the house kits, dig across your gardens and generally help those who may have difficulty doing it themselves.

Become an approved contractor
We also need paid contractors to who can be called on by those who need paid help in digging their ducts or fitting house kits should volunteers be unavailable. Find out more at

Although we receive government funding, we still need investment. You can invest in B4RN whether you’re interested in the service or not. The scheme offers a fair rate of return. Your investment will help make this project a success. You can find out more by visiting the B4RN resources page and following the “Investors” tab.

Any questions? Want to keep up to date?