Information for landowners

Whether you’re a householder with an ordinary back garden or a farmer with acres of land, building the B4RN network relies on the goodwill and generosity of landowners. You may be approached by a local volunteer or neighbour to ask if you would permit us to lay a small duct under your land. If you’re taking the B4RN service this will be happening anyway.

In fields the conduit is laid below plough depth either by moleing or machine digging depending on your knowledge of the underlying substrate. In gardens the ducting is laid below spade depth, preferably through grass or soil.

The size of ducting carrying main routes through fields may be a bundle of 16mm diameter ducts, through gardens it is likely to be a smaller bundle of 7mm ducts. The duct from a property boundary to a single house would just be a 7mm duct.

Your permission to cross your land is formalised with a simple, single side A4 wayleave agreement which favours the landowner in that:

  • B4RN agrees to take every care to minimise any inconvenience during the installation and also to make good any damage done.
  • B4RN agrees that the landowner is not liable for any costs associated with subsequent accidental damage to the network across their land.

Once the ducting has been laid, a plan of your land will be made showing the location of all ducting. You will be provided with a copy and a file copy will be held at B4RN head office.

Download the B4RN Wayleave Agreement