Exciting News!

B4RN have drawn up a feasible plan to connect every property in Caton with hyper fast, reliable, future proof and unlimited 1GB full fibre broadband.

This for just £30/month and a £150 connection fee.

Due to a change in Government funding this is going to involve a mostly hard pavement dig and not through gardens. A contracting team has been established and are, at present, digging in Halton (above).

Caton is next on the list.

There are TWO THINGS that we, as a village, MUST DO to make this happen – this will be our last chance to get this great service.

Please go here: enter your postcode, read the information and fill in the request for service – there is no commitment from signing up at this stage and you will also be given the opportunity to defer if you are tied into an existing contract. Please also encourage friends, family and neighbours in the village to do the same.
B4RN WILL NOT roll the service out unless enough interest is shown in the village. Each connection taken receives Government money to help pay the costs of digging, and a large connection uptake is going to be required to make the project financially viable. Register as a business if any kind of business is run from home, as this attracts a larger grant.
IMPORTANT: you must sign up even if you have previously signed the expression of interest (EOI or any other forms) as it is a condition of the Government funding.

Shares invested in B4RN can be allocated to the Caton build. An interest of 5% is earned on all shares from day one, which can be withdrawn or reinvested each year. Minimum investment is £100, maximum £100,000. Shares must be held for three years and can then be withdrawn. A £1,500 shareholding will see the connection fee (£150) waived.
B4RN shares are a GREAT investment for your money AND a great investment in the village.

Let’s make this fantastic project finally happen in Caton.