Brookhouse South

Project Status:

We now have properties LIVE in Hawthorn Close. Our next target are properties around the end of St Anne’s Close and on Brookhouse Road around and including the Methodist Church.

If you need to know more about progress to your property then speak to your local Block Champion.

If you’ve not already expressed an interest in the B4RN service then do so now by using the big button below.


Although we have funds to commence the project, we require funds to bring it to completion. Find out more about investing in B4RN

We need Block Champions for Brookhouse South

The map below shows how we’ve divided Brookhouse South into manageable neighbourhood blocks. BLOCKS WITH A PIN NEED A BLOCK CHAMPION to deliver the B4RN service to your neighbours. No technical knowledge is required. All you need is time, the ability to communicate with your neighbours and attendance at our monthly Block Champions meeting. Contact us NOW if you can help. If no one takes on this volunteer role in a vacant block then it is unlikely we can deliver the service to that block.

You can pop out the map into a new window to enlarge it and explore it further. Use the tools on the toolbar at the top of the map. You can also click on a coloured block to find out who your block champion is.

Project Team:

Click the block in the map above that contains your property to find your Block Champion

You can speak to any member of the team to find out more about the B4RN service or investing in B4RN.

If your property is in a block without a Block Champion then e-mail the Brookhouse South project leader – select the Brookhouse South option on the contact form.

Properties covered by this project:

  • Brookhouse Road – all even numbered properties on the south side in Brookhouse in postcodes LA2 9NP, LA2 9NX, LA2 9PA, LA2 9JP
  • Hawthorn Close – all properties LA2 9NR
  • Hawthorn Avenue – all properties LA2 9NS
  • Vicarage Avenue – all properties LA2 9NT
  • Pinewood Avenue – all properties LA2 9NU
  • St Paul’s Drive – all properties LA2 9PG
  • St Anne’s Close – all properties LA2 9PQ
  • New Street– all properties LA2 9JR
  • Moorside Road – all properties – LA2 9PJ
  • Chapel Square – all properties – LA2 9PL
  • Littledale Road – all properties up to and including Hill Farm LA2 9PH, LA2 9PW