Caton Update

March 24, 2018 - Simon Carr

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Planning is moving on for a full roll-out in Caton, with a team of volunteers having reviewed an initial draft plan produced by B4RN.

Comments have been fed back to B4RN, mainly relating to road crossings, and we are now awaiting production of the first full plan.

Siting of the cabinet on Caton Community Primary School property has been agreed in principle and formal permission has now been requested from Lancashire County Council.

We continue to hold monthly meetings on the second Monday of every month in the Station Hotel, 8:00pm.

We still require many more volunteers to act as ‘Block Champions’, primarily acting as co-ordinators for small areas and developing interest and motivation.

The map below shows the areas we currently have volunteers for… if you live in any unshaded area and think you can help please come to one of the monthly meetings. Don’t worry, this is not a significant commitment and you can help as much or as little as you are able.

For anyone who has not registered their interest (or cannot remember registering on this site), please do so here.

Simon Carr